Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Effect T.S.Elliott contem porary Arabic and persian literature Badrshakralsyab ،SalahAbd-alsaboor    M.Sc.    zarei, zahra    2010-11-23
2    The Polysemy Phenomenon In Quran Karem Fram Allame Tabatabai's Viewpoint    M.Sc.    hassan zade, fateme    2011-06-25
3    The Edition and commenting on the seventh section of shobbar,s Safwat al-Tafasir    M.Sc.    VAHDATIFARD, ZAHRA    2011-12-31
4    Qirāat(Reciting) of Asim by Hafs, from the beginning to fame    Ph.D    shahpasand, ilaha    2012-02-29
5    The Edition and commenting on the Eighth section of shobbar,s Safwat al-Tafasir    M.Sc.    fooladi, tahereh    2012-07-02
6    The relationship between divine attributes mentioned in conclustion and the contents of Baqara verses (based on Al-Tahrir Va Al-tanvir and Al-Mizan interpretation).    M.Sc.    TAHA, MOHSEN    2012-10-13
7    Rhetoric focuses on the stories of prophets    M.Sc.    tarkhasi, mohtaram    2012-10-28
8    ( The twelfth section Correction of Safvat Al-Tafasir manuscript by Allaameh Shobbar)    M.Sc.    Qaraei, Arash    2012-11-17
10    The relationship between divine attributes mentioned in the end of Ale _emran and Nesa verses and the content of theses verses.    M.Sc.    malekpoor, najmeh    2013-04-20
11    the Dealing with the social wrongdoings and Deviances in Imam Ali,s words and offering associated practical solutions    M.Sc.    gholami, fatemeh    2014-01-06
12    study of verse 18 sura jinn at interpretations sorted by date. Narrative analysis and doubts about the verse.    M.Sc.    abbasabadi, roya    2014-11-22
13    The impact of Quranic parables on the audience relying on the interpretation of Kashaf by Zamakhshari and Mafatih alqayb by Fakhr razi    M.Sc.    gholami chape, zeinab    2015-05-04
14    The investigation of Vaghedi analysis of Quran verses in Almaghazi    Ph.D    khazaei, tayyebe    2015-09-07
15    Structural of geometry of Interpretation Methodology of Quran, Relying on the classification of types of interpretation    Ph.D    Jahangiry, Vali    2015-09-13
16    Intertextuality and the quran    M.Sc.    harifbilondi, kazem    2015-12-15
17    Pathology of the economy and its reflection in education from the viewpoint of Imam Ali- Peace be upon him- with an emphasis on Nahj_o_Alblagheh    M.Sc.    khazaei, raziyeh    2015-12-21
18    The semantic net of the word Light(Noor) according to the Quran and narratives    Ph.D    abrishami, samaneh    2016-01-03
19    The Prophets' methods of dealing with opposit movements in Qur'an with emphasis on freedom of speech    Ph.D    Bahadori, Mohammadreza    2016-03-12
20    Correction and investigation part of Allaameh shobbar’s safvat al-tafasir (Beginning of surah zariat To the end of surah saff)    M.Sc.    lal awal, massoud    2016-04-27
21    The Study and Review of the Jews and Zionism position in AL-Kashif Exegesis written by the Erudite Muhammad jawad Maghniah    Ph.D    komeili, gholamhossein    2016-07-02
22    Interpretative efforts in Najaf during the last two centuries (fourteenth and fifteenth)    M.Sc.    AL-JANABI, ABDULRAHMAN    2016-07-02
23    Study of narratives in Al-Burhan fi tafsir al-Quran and its pathology (in surah Al'Baghara and sura Al'Hamd)    Ph.D    kamrani, monirehsadat    2016-10-19
24    Semantic analysis of the term Zanb (sin) and it's alternatives in holy Koran with concentration on exegesises (majma'al'bayan, al-mizan, al-kashaf, anvar al-tanzil va asrar al-tavil, al-tahrir va al-tanvir)    M.Sc.    bahari, khorshid    2017-07-02
25    The Quranic evidence in the moral discourse at the AL-Hilly school (analysis study)    M.Sc.    Salman, Qasim Oleiwi salman    2017-07-02
26    Morphology of Surah Al-Fath    M.Sc.    jamalifar, ali    2017-09-11
27    Review the performance of translators in translation of the pair of pseudo-synonym terms in Persian translations of the Holy Quran and provide the perfect solution for it    Ph.D    nasirivatan, javad    2017-11-12